JOMIKLAN: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Baju Logo

Bagaimana untuk mendapatkan Baju Logo Percuma?

Satu (1) Baju Logo akan diberikan dengan setiap Logo baru yang terdapat di JOMIKLAN. Lihat Kalendar untuk menanda Baju Logo mana yang anda berminat untuk dimenangi atau ikuti kami di Twitter @JOMIKLAN, Instagram @JOMIKLAN atau Facebook @JOMIKLAN. Selepas itu, berinteraksi dan bergiat aktif di Instagram @JOMIKLAN untuk peluang memenangi Baju Logo setiap hari!


What is the Slot?

The Slot is a 100x100px box on our webpage which will be linked to a landing page of our Blog providing all information of your company or brand.

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Who will provide the Logo? I want my Creative to provide the Logo for us.

You will provide the Logo and submit it to us twenty-four (24) hours before date of the Slot you booked.

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When should my Creative submit our ad design?

Please submit your Logo to us twenty-four (24) hours before date of the Spot you bought. We will send you a gentle reminder e-mail a day before the submission date. See Calendar page.

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We don't have a Logo. Can you design the Logo for us?

No, we don't do design. But, our design house, JAZALO Studio can design your Logo for a special price of RM500! You only have to provide them the logo reference, preferred colours, fonts, etc. Or they can also use the basic font to create your temporary Logo for usage at JOMIKLAN for free! Please visit the website at for the service.

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How to buy the Slot?

JOMIKLAN uses The JAZALO Shoppe as our Official Store. After you click "Buy", you will be redirected to #JAZALOMY to review and make the payment. If your Logo is not approved by IklanorAds, you will receive a full refund.  

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Who can buy the Slot?

Any kind of businesses or brands can buy our Slots. Please refer to Terms and Conditions for guidelines.

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What can I put in the Blog?

Any offers and discounts would encourage possible customers to your store. You can also put address, services offered and URL of your website.

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I have no website. Can I still buy the Spot?

Yes, you can still buy the Slot. Instead of the URL, you can put your physical store address and telephone number on the Blog. People may still reach you. However we recommend you to put your email as your landing page.

If you like to build a website for your business, you can visit JAZALO Studio for quote.

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My business is operating outside Malaysia, can I buy the Spot?

Yes, you can if you want your business to be recognised in Malaysia. As our website can be accessed worldwide.

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Can I buy more than one Slot? Is there any discount?

Yes, you can. However you have to email us at for multiple purchases.

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Does JOMIKLAN offer a non-profit discount?

Yes. We offer a 50% discount to non-profits and charities. Send us an email that includes a link to your organization's website. That's usually all we need to tell if you're truly a non-profit. And we will send you a coupon code for your purchase.

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What are payment methods available?

JOMIKLAN accepts the following payment methods:

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I have made the payment, but I've received no emails and haven't submitted my details. What should I do?

Please check your SPAM folder in your email. If there is no emails from us, please go to Submission page and fill in your Ad Slot number you have paid for and other details.

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Can I refund?

There are no refunds. However;

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How long does it take for my Campaign Ad to be reviewed?

JOMIKLAN reviews the content for all campaigns to ensure the content is appropriate for Malaysia. Campaigns are generally reviewed within 24 hours of creation, however campaigns created on the weekend will be reviewed the following Monday. 

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How do I edit a Campaign Ad?

To edit the ad copy or update the URL of a Campaign Ad you need to send email to with new URL or/and image of the new ad to be inserted into our Blog. Once approved, your Campaign Ad will be updated and you will receive an email.

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I have a question not answered above, what should I do?

Please email us or go to Contact Us page.

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For advertisers, the slots are now open for sale. See Buy Slot page.