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Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.
Mark Twain (1835-1910)

Why Do You Advertise?

  1. To make your brand known in the market. 1 2 8
  2. To let people know you exist. 1
  3. To build confidence in your product. 2
  4. To get the resellers and distributors attracted to your product. 2
  5. To heighten your brand awareness. 2
  6. To shout your product is superior than your competitor’s. 2 5
  7. To create visibility in the market. 3
  8. To explain the reasons and benefits of your product. 4
  9. To do overview or pre-sell your product before actual launching. 4
  10. To sell your product. 4
  11. To clear brand or product misconceptions. 4
  12. To tell your competitor that you are ahead. 5
  13. To share testimonials of your current customers. 6
  14. To engage in survey and research about your product. 6
  15. To become part of the community. 6
  16. To drive traffic to your website. 7
  17. To stand out from the crowd. 8


  1. Should You Advertise?
  2. SMEs need support for branding
  3. Bad times a good time to advertise more, SMEs told
  4. Benefits of Advertising a Product
  5. Staying ahead of competitors
  6. Marketing to Your Existing Customers
  7. How to Drive Traffic to Your Website From Offline Promotion
  8. Importance of a marketing principle for SMEs to fight competition

Why SMEs?

  1. Small scale business is on the rise. 1 4
  2. SME has competition in all areas with other local players, regional, national and even international. 4
  3. SMEs generally feel that branding is for the big companies. 4
  4. Early-stage entrepreneurial business increases. 1
  5. In growing economies, entrepreneurship is a desirable career choice. 1
  6. About 55% discontinued business because of financial problems. 2
  7. Innovation is very important in entrepreneurial business. 2
  8. It has now become increasingly difficult to sell unbranded products. 3


  1. Rising Interest in Entrepreneurship Career Choice
  2. Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2008 Executive Report
  3. SMEs need support for branding
  4. Importance of a marketing principle for SMEs to fight competition

Advertising Approach

Advertising Approach

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